• mergers
  • consolidations
  • de-mergers
  • changes of legal form, etc.

Expert services include for example:

  • valuations of assets of companies dissolved in mergers; we prepare valuations of the assets of dissolving companies as well as valuations of the assets to be transferred to individual successor companies in the case of de-mergers
  • expert opinions on review of draft merger agreements or reviews of a de-merger project
  • determination of adequate settlements in a squeeze-out
  • valuation of a company's assets when changing the legal form



Appraisal services s. r. o.

Jozefská 17, 811 06 Bratislava
IČO: 36 858 072, DIČ: 2022610557
tel.: +421 232 202 500
e-mail: office[zavináč]appraisals.sk


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