Our aim is to provide a wide range of economic services regarding mainly valuation (appraisal) of real assets. Appraisals assign a value to an entire enterprise or part thereof, or to a particular component of an enterprise’s assets.

The actual valuation is preceded by a rigorous legal, economic, tax, marketing, and technical analysis. The resulting appraised value is an estimate of the price the appraised asset(s) would most likely fetch in the market under conditions of free competition, assuming that the price is not influenced by any unreasonable factors.



Appraisal services s. r. o.

Jozefská 17, 811 06 Bratislava
IČO: 36 858 072, DIČ: 2022610557
tel.: +421 232 202 500
e-mail: office[zavináč]appraisals.sk


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